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NAGMR is US-Based Drive And Motor manufacturer. Specializes in medium-duty trucking, towing, and marine applications. A subsidiary of ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri)

Continuous Improvement Ideas

We Rely On Employees for Continuous Improvement

…And Why You Should Too Whether you’re running a startup, a multinational corporation or a winch manufacturing business (like us!), understanding the need for continuous improvement strategies can have a major impact on the company culture and by extension the level of success your business reaches. Using Kaizen principles on a smaller scale can help increase productivity and efficiency while using the same principles on… Read More »We Rely On Employees for Continuous Improvement

Winching a small SUV on flat bed tow truck

Properly Sizing Winches For Tow Truck Applications

NAGMR makes some of the highest quality medium-duty winches on the market, so it’s no surprise that we’re on the top list of OEMs and Trucking companies as the go-to winch for towing applications. While a high-quality winch is a key ingredient to assembling an effective winch package for transportation applications such as towing and roadside assistance, improper sizing can result potentially catastrophic. consequences. With… Read More »Properly Sizing Winches For Tow Truck Applications

ISO9001 International Image

Why ISO9001 Certification Is Still So Important

Although ISO9001 is over 30+ years old, the certification still carries as much – or more – as it did when if was released in 1987.  While it’s gone through quite a few revisions, the core still binds the 8 key pillars of quality, into a logical, singular system. Today we wanted to briefly cover why this certification still matter after all these years and… Read More »Why ISO9001 Certification Is Still So Important

Tow Truck Winch And Hook

Winch Considerations For Towing Applications

Moving heavy and bulky materials down the road can be a quite difficult and tricky process. If you are someone who is driving an automobile, you know it is much easier to travel bulkier options. Driving an automobile with another set of wheels can help you move with ease. This might seem like an elaborate setup can allow you to have the right checkup with… Read More »Winch Considerations For Towing Applications