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NAGMR Industrial Solutions

Solutions Inline With Our Customer's Goals®

Flexible Options

We understand that "out-of-the-box" doesn't work for everyone. That's why why we offer a range of product and service options that meet your needs.

Lifecycle Management

When you choose NAGMR you choose a company that doesn't walk away from it's obligation to support it's best-in-class products or service.

Operational Excellence

High quality products and services don't just happen, it takes an aligned business model backed by robust processes including ISO9001 and Lean Manufacturing methologies.

Tow Truck Winch Applications

We Understand your needs

Providing Solutions For...

Our range of gear boxes, worm gears, geared motors, and complete electric or hydraulic winch assemblies are sized with medium to heavy-duty service applications in mind.  These applications include, but are not limited to…

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Recovery hydraulic winch truck winch-1

Driven By Values

NAGMR mission is to meet exceed the expectations of our valued customers, be it regarding quality or on time delivery of goods.  This is how we endeavor to grow our business and to continue to provide best-in-class service to our clients.

Tow Truck Winch Applications
Marine Application
NAGMR Support Rep Sharon Price

Service Offering

Engineering and Consulting

Looking for engineering expertise to integrate with your consumer-based winch product? Call our technical team today for our suite of engineering solutions custom-fit to your application needs.

Custom Products

Perhaps you specific needs don't match with our product line up. Thanks okay, we do job-specific design as well. Call our technical team today to find out more.

OEM Solutions

Looking for a US-Based drive manufacturer familiar with ISO9001 certifications and a focus on lean technologies? Call the experienced team at NAGMR today!

Last Mile Delivery

Over the years our team of manufacturing and supply chain experts have perfected the art of optimized delivery scheduled and can cover last-mile delivery at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Core Products

Our range of gear boxes, worm gears, geared motors, and complete electric or hydraulic winch assemblies are sized with medium to heavy-duty service applications in mind.

Customized Products

We understand that "out-of-the-box" doesn't work for everyone. That's why why we offer a range of product and service options that meet your needs.

Packaging And Logistics

Our design and logistics engineers work hand-in-glove to develop a robust packaging strategy that has proven the test of time with our domestic and international customers.

Latest Updates

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The Importance of Reliable and Efficient Drive and Motor Technology in Industrial and Commercial Applications

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Reasons To Use Heat-Treated Carbon Steel

In our line of products, like our motors, you’ll often find that we use heat-treated carbon steel. It is one of our preferred materials to use due to its durability and other properties. Here are some of the reasons we …

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Secrets To Improving Manufacturing Quality

Whether you need winches, motors, or gearboxes for light, medium, or heavy-duty towing applications, we know that quality is your number one priority. That’s why we strive to always provide our clients with the best quality of products. Aside from …
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Different Types Of Winches For Marine Applications

A winch has many practical uses. It is a device that is capable of lifting or hauling heavy loads. It is used in various industries such as construction, towing, and marine. For today, we are going to focus on winches …
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Tips On Selecting Gear Motors

Whether it tugging, conveying, hoisting, or torque conversion, gear selection for your power conversion needs is a critical component to a efficiently operating system. To select the best gearbox or motor for an application, it is important to go into …
Continuous Improvement Ideas

We Rely On Employees for Continuous Improvement

…And Why You Should Too Whether you’re running a startup, a multinational corporation or a winch manufacturing business (like us!), understanding the need for continuous improvement strategies can have a major impact on the company culture and by extension the …
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Properly Sizing Winches For Tow Truck Applications

NAGMR makes some of the highest quality medium-duty winches on the market, so it’s no surprise that we’re on the top list of OEMs and Trucking companies as the go-to winch for towing applications. While a high-quality winch is a …

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