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Planetary Gearboxes And Motors

Offering a complete choice of products which include electric planetary gear motors, single phase inline geared motor, hollow input planetary gearbox, worm planetary gear box, planetary box fitted with hydraulic motor and planetary gearboxes.

Electric Planetary Gear Motors

Power0.25-40 HP
MountingFoot, Flange, etc
Phase3 Phase
Type of MotorAC
Speed1-400 RPM
Voltage440 V,50 Hz
Torque20 to 18.500 Nm
Output Speed0.3-450 min-1

Single Phase Inline Geared Motor

Speed0.1 RPM TO 400 RPM
Power25 WATTS TO 3 HP
Voltage230 VOLT 1 PH AC
PhaseSingle Phase
Number Of Poles4POLE & 6 POLE


Hollow Input Planetary Gearbox - Foot Mounted

Power0.25 HP to 100 HP
MaterialMild Steel
Gear TypePlanetary
Reduction Ratio3 to 7000/1
Rated Torque0.5 Kg-m to 145000 Kg-m
Input Speed1440 RPM,960 RPM,720 RPM
Prime MoverElectric Motor,Hydraulic Motor
Input TypeFree Input,Hollow Input

Worm Planetary Gear Box

Packaging TypeBox,Carton
Power1-10 HP
Gearing Arrangement TypePlanetary
Torque4 kgm to 5,000 kgm
Ratio3/1 to 15,000/1 or more
MountingsFoot,flange,with free,hollow input


  • Optimum performance
  • Light weight
  • Reliable
  • Long functional life

Planetary Box With Hyrdraulic Motor

PhaseSingle Phase
Gear TypePlanetary
Torque Range (Nm)100 Nm to 30000 Nm
Voltage380 V
Speed1400 rpm
Reduction Ratio41 To 10,000/1


Planetary Gearbox - Geared Motors

Power0.25 HP 40 HP
MaterialCast Iron
Phase3 PH
Gear TypePlanetary
Torque Capacity100 Nm to 1000000 Nm
Reduction Ratio3.481 Onwards
Power Rating0.18 kw to 30 kw

Hollow Shaft Planetary Gear Box

Reduction Ratio3 1 to 50000 1
Rated Torque0.5 Kg-m to 145000 Kg-m
Motor Power0.25 HP to 100 HP
Speed1440 RPM, 960 RPM, 720 RPM
Prime MoverElectric Motor
Input TypeFree Input, Hollow Input
Output TypeHollow


CI Planetary Gear Box

Power0.6 HP to 50 HP
MaterialCast Iron
Phase3 PH
Gear TypePlanetary
Speed0.01 RPM to 400 RPM
Torque rangeUpto 10,000 kgm


Planetary Gear Box - Heavy Duty

Power50 HP
MaterialCast Iron
PhaseSingle, Three
Gear TypePlanetary
Reduction Ratio4/1 to 100000/1
Speed1440 rpm
Voltage380 V