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Custom Products

In addition to our quality focus, the team NAGMR Industrial Solutions also prides itself on flexibility.  And while our variety of core products meet the majority of our customer’s needs, we understand that custom configurations are sometimes necessary – especially when replacing the exact specifications for worn-out, older lift units, hoists, or winches.

Using advanced design systems, we can retrofit, or customize winch configurations to fit your specific need.  Call today and one of our customer design representative can walk you through any questions you have.

The NAGMR Difference

Aligned to our customer needs first, our products are recognized for their long service life, optimum performance, simple usability, rugged design, smooth finishing, and high efficiency.

All facilities and suppliers are ISO9001 certified, which ensures that all products and parts undergo a rigorous quality assurance process.

Call Today!

Give us a call today and one of our customer service officers can answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to ask about our OEM solutions as well as customer-labeled products at a competitive price.

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