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greasing gear and bearings

Greasing Your Motor Bearings

Motor gears and bearings are essential for the smooth running of a motor. They need to be properly greased in order to prevent friction and wear, while also keeping them lubricated and protected from water and other contaminants. The most important factor in greasing motor bearings is using the right grease- you’ll need to use a type of grease that is specific to the bearings… Read More »Greasing Your Motor Bearings

gear motor

Tips On Selecting Gear Motors

Whether it tugging, conveying, hoisting, or torque conversion, gear selection for your power conversion needs is a critical component to a efficiently operating system. To select the best gearbox or motor for an application, it is important to go into more detail than just selecting the best suitable output speed and torque.\ Here are consideration we recommend when planning for system design. What Are Your… Read More »Tips On Selecting Gear Motors