Have a New Product? An OTC Broker Group Can Help

If you have developed a new product, it can be extremely difficult to get it on the market. Most people do not realize how difficult this can be, but it makes sense that retailers are not exactly chomping at the bit to sell a product from an unheard of vendor.

NAGMR is a group of OTC brokers and general merchandise representatives that can help these new ventures out considerably. Basically, NAGMR can become your sales force for an affordable price, while making sure that the products that you sell end up in the hands of consumers all over the country.

General Merchandise Sales

The first thing that NAGMR can handle for you is selling your general merchandise. This is not always easy, but leaving the hard work to the professionals can cut down on the mistakes that you make.

  • Collaborating with NAGMR is a major key when selling general merchandisebecause they can help get your products released within the largest retailers in your area.
  • Once your product is available within these retailers, the sales will come, but making your products available to a wide range of people is the first step to take.

Teaming with NAGMR can make your goals attainable much faster than you would have otherwise dreamed.

  • The entire goal in this situation is to increase awareness of your product by making it more visible for consumers. This is done initially branding your product in a manner that makes it appealing to your desired consumer base.
  • Since general merchandise can mean just about anything, you will have to narrow things down in order to reach a target audience.

Of course, if you do not have the time or knowledge to go so, hiring NAGMR to handle this job is your best bet.

Food Products

If you want to get your food into major retailers, you will want to trust a company with a food broker license, like NAGMR. This is because there are different obstacles to face when dealing with food and a food broker license is necessary to deal with these issues in a fair manner.

  • For starters, you will have to decide on the scope of your food business. Unless you have the infrastructure to make deliveries all over the country, it is wise if you start with a region type of coverage.
  • Another important thing to remember is that your broker must avoid representing multiple companies with the same goals. For example, if you plan on selling fresh fruit in northern Arizona, it would not be good business to get involved with a broker that is representing another client that is also selling fresh fruit in that region.

Companies with a food broker license know that they cannot represent conflicting product lines and NAGMR is very careful to avoid these situations.

Current Trends

Today, it is more important than ever to find a company with a food broker license, since smaller orders are currently the way to go. If you have mass amounts of food, however, you will want to spread these smaller orders out to multiple locations to keep your sales high.

  • A company with a food broker license can handle all of this for you by brokering multiple deals in your region, which will never leave you without a place to sell your food.

Changing Business

The business world is always changing and if you do not have to help that you need, you could end up behind the times. While you could always hire your own staff to deal with these issues, it will likely lose you money, unless you have a large corporation to run.

  • For smaller business, NAGMR is the way to go because they provide you with the professional services that you need. Whether you need someone with a food broker license or help selling general merchandise, NAGMR can help.

Contact NAGMR today for more information about our OTC brokers and how we work with merchandisers to help them succeed at market.