Finding the Right Cosmetics for Your Type of Skin

Your skin is like a precious gem that needs attention and proper care for it to shine at its best always.  Many people consider having a good skin as an asset and investment.

There is a wide variety of makeup products that you will see in stores nowadays.  Cosmetics are just part of the tight competition on the beauty world today. Surgery, beauty pills and even home based beauty kit and equipment can be found widely on the market.  But as a buyer, though you have all means to buy it, you should be careful which one to pick.

As what skin experts say, not all skin products are friendly to your skin type. You surely not want to turn your ‘beauty queen skin’ peg to an ‘ugly duckling’ result.  Experts suggest that you should determine your skin type and you should always perform allergy test on applicable products before grabbing the item and paying it on the counter.

Here are the common skin types and the ideal cosmetics for your type of skin:

Dry Skin

Some skins get dry due to shifting of seasons but for some people their skin are naturally dry amidst any weather. The problem with dry skin is that it is commonly leads to wrinkles and fine lines that can be seen as a person matures.  These are just some of the downfall of having a dry skin.

You can easily tell if you have a dry skin if it appears flaky and tight even after applying your facial wash. In some instances, you would also see forming of red marks or spots on your face due to too much tightening of your pores. This is visible during extremely cold or hot conditions.

  • For dry skin, your cosmetics should contain aloe vera that is known to contain moisturizing agents.
  • Applying alcohol-based products is a ‘no-no’ as this will aggrandize your dry skin problems.
  • Look for a dual purpose makeup foundation that can work as a concealer and a moisturizer at the same time to alleviate dry skin problems.
  • During night time, you can apply skin moisturizer for it to take an overnight effect while your skin is at rest from makeup.

Oily Skin

Unlike a dry skin, people who have oily skin should keep away from moisturizers due to their shiny face.

For you to determine if you fall on this skin type, a person who has an oily skin usually manifest oiliness on common areas like cheeks, forehead and chin.

  • You can apply makeup starting off with a mild toner.
  • A water based foundation can be used or any pressed powder that contains oil suppressing agents.
  • You can also bring an oil control film and a loose powder on your bag before you do your retouch.

Normal Skin

If you have a normal skin, then you must be lucky. Normal skin is easier to maintain and this add greater value to your overall appearance. Having a normal skin does not means that you can live without beauty enhancing products. These are also needed for you to maintain the beautiful skin that you have.

  • For normal skin, any kind of foundation can be applied to your face but be also cautious on skin allergy reactions.
  • You should also use moisturizer and regularly washing of your face especially after applying cosmetics to help you avoid pimples and to fight skin aging.

If you are one of the few lucky people who have found your match on any makeup brand, do not get easily enticed by new products. The makeup product you are using has proven its worth on your skin changing to new one will make you go over the old process of checking its compatibility to your skin again.