3 Steps to Marketing a New Product

Are you looking to take your product to the next level? Are you looking for more locations, more exposure, more profits? If so, the National Association of General Merchandise Representatives can help with our 3 steps to marketing a brand new product:

1. Focus on Marketing Descriptors

Finding the best words to describe your new product through branding and marketing can take a lot of time and money. Make sure YOU DO put aside an ample amount of time before you launch your product, to allow for a more thorough process to develop the marketing and plan behind it. Regardless of how much time you put into the thought process, branding will simply evolve over time.

2. Prove that Your Product Works

Next… proving it works! Look to social media and bloggers for help with the product reviews on this one. This will generate a more genuine overview of exactly how your product works and what the effectiveness is. Marketing through social media is increasingly effective in gaining popularity, and proving yourself and your con summers that it works.

3. Personalize It!

Finally… it’s time to personalize your product. With any product, make sure you are connecting with your customer, make sure you’re communicating with them, and make sure you’re partnering with them to keep building your brand up to the next generation of consumers. Continue to reach out via social media — responding to emails, tweets, Facebook comments, etc.

NAGMR can make your highest and most ambitious business goals attainable. Let us help you identify your sales demographic, create and expand your market.

NAGMR brokers will get your foot in the door of the highest volume retail giants. NAGMR is all about increasing awareness, favorability, and purchase intent in order to increase in-store visibility of your general merchandise. Let us help brand, place, market, and SELL your products.

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