NAGMR’s Tips and Tricks for the Beginner Product Broker

If you are a new product representative, food broker, or manufacturer, how long is your backlog? A beginning manufacturer is afraid of their backlog being too short. NAGMR’s members of manufacturers, product representatives, food brokers, and product brokers say beginning manufacturers should always keep their backlog in their head, and never let it grow over 150 items at any given time. If product brokers and product representatives can’t deal with more than 150 people than they cannot deal with 150 that are backlogged. Once they go over that, some are just being overlooked.

NAGMR’s product representatives and members say to keep your top items sliced into small pieces and wait with slicing the rest until it’s their turn in the mix. Some items may never make it to the top and as a product broker, product representative, food broker, or food industry representative, your backlog will clutter if you aren’t careful.

NAGMR’s product representatives and members also say not to mess with your client’s low priority items, and don’t bother your producers with estimations for those given items. Keep your backlog as short as it can be. Product representatives, food brokers and product brokers should use their backlog as a weapon for maximizing their return on investment. Keep it short enough to stay on top of it and long enough to allow your company to chose which items to truly focus their attention on.

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